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Daystar High School Diploma

Beginning in Grade 11, Daystar students may select from two exciting pre-college pathways: Daystar's Social Entrepreneurship (SE) signature program or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Both share a common academic core while offering courses that support individual students' interests and skills. 


To empower students who want to make a positive impact, Daystar Academy offers a social entrepreneurship program that bolsters their academic learning and personal passions with business acumen.  With these abilities applied to supporting a social cause, Daystar students rise to the challenge of becoming real-world changemakers. 

In this program, students apply the knowledge and skills gained from Daystar's Business Management and Leadership seminar, internship experience, and a minimum of five subjects areas to complete a capstone project to perform meaningful and effective service learning.

IBDP Program

In the DP, students challenge themselves with university-level coursework in a minimum of five subject areas. Students investigate the Theory of Knowledge, cultivate their abilities in IP disciplines–Creativity, Activity, Service–and present a detailed reflection on their learning in the Extended Essay. 

In both of these offerings, students may choose one of three concentrations: Sciences, Humanities, or Arts. Through these concentrations, students can align their IB DP or SE studies with their culminating Extended Essay or Capstone experiences. 



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