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High Resolves

Daystar Academy has partnered with High Resolves to deliver leading-quality immersive learning experiences in citizenship education, and is the only school in China to implement this progressive curriculum. 

The increasingly complex challenges of our world require a generation of young people with the passion, skills, and confidence to embrace complex and nuanced problems.  To prepare them, we have developed an award-winning system for building mastery of the core competencies of citizenship – independent thinking, inclusive leadership, social advocacy, and effective collaboration. 

Learning science shows that sustained personal transformations begin with peak experiences that shape a young person's thoughts and feelings about themselves and the world around them. The High Resolves curriculum hardwires these shifts into long-term memory through repeated practice and project-based application in the real world.

Daystar Academy student's address and resolve to make change in the following core areas:

●      Identity and Purpose

●      Just Society

●      Social Progress

●      Better Self


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