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Character Strong

Character development is at the core of the Daystar Academy ethos, which is why we've partnered with the world leading Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) organisation, CharacterStrong™

The CharacterStrong™ guides Advisory lessons that teach age-appropriate Social and Emotional Learning and Character education that builds on foundations established in Secondary 6-8, including:

●      Social and Emotional Competencies

○      Self-awareness

○      Self-management

○      Social awareness

○      Relationship skills

○      Responsible decision-making

●      Character Development

○      Patience

○      Kindness

○      Honesty

○      Respect

○      Selflessness

○      Forgiveness

○      Commitment

○      Humility

Students are encouraged to apply their learning and reflect, both individually and as a group, on these opportunities.

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