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Academic Merit Scholarship (For Grade 6 to 12)

Daystar Academy is proud of its ability to financially support students through the Academic Merit Scholarship Program. This program is available to both new and returning Secondary School students (Grade 6-12).  

Daystar Academy offers an exciting and enriching Scholarship Program aimed at stretching and developing individual talent for the benefit of the whole community. 

Being a Scholar will play a key role in the life of the school, lead and inspire others while fulfilling their own potential. 

Students who demonstrate strong intellectual ability across a wide range of academic disciplines may apply.

What we are looking for in our Academic Merit Scholars?

We are open-minded in our approach to identifying candidates who show evidence of scholarship, but the following will be useful indicators in our assessment process: 

· Students who demonstrate strong intellectual ability and curiosity across a wide range of academic disciplines

· Students who demonstrate initiative in their schoolwork

· Students who take a positive lead in their academic and extra-curricular activities

· Students who demonstrate aptitude for engaging with others and a passion for learning

· Students who practice the core values of Daystar Academy and have the capacity to mentor others  

Students applying for a Daystar Academic Merit Scholarship are required to:

· lndicate why you would like to study at Daystar Academy and how you would contribute to the academic  life of the  school

· Include details of any academic projects and challenges that you have already undertaken as well as your aspirations  for the future

· Provide the names and email addresses of two teachers who can complete a recommendation form for you Note:(We will email the recommendation form directly to the teachers)

· Submit supporting documentary evidence (i.e. previous school records, external examination results,  awards, certificates, testimonials, published work etc.)

· Complete an interview with the Daystar Scholarship Committee

· Complete and submit a 1 to 2-minute video introducing yourself and why you deserve to be a recipient of a  Daystar Academy Scholarship (Grade 6-12 applications only)


Please click here to apply for the Academic Merit Scholarship in Beigao Campus

Please click here to apply for the Academic Merit Scholarship in Sanlitun Campus


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