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 How to Identify Stress in Your Child & How to Help Them?

Have you noticed any of the following signs in your child?

Trouble sleeping, withdrawn, occasional complaints of a funny stomach ...

These signs can be indicators that you child may be under stress. The current pandemic situation can exacerbate these feelings.  Your child might be too young to identify the cause of their discomforts or articulate their feelings.  As parents, how do we go about supporting our children and helping them process the pressures of life? Let’s hear what Ms. Danielle Harris, Elementary School Counselor, has to say on this subject. 

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MYP Design at Daystar Academy

Design fits into everything we do – it’s an iterative cycle of problem-solving, reflection and refinement. It’s a way of making our lives and our world better. School board member, Jack Hsu’s vision for the school, as he articulated at our first meeting at the beginning of the school year, was to create the next Elon Musk and in Design we are equipping our students with the tools to think creatively and critically, to notice the problems of the world around them and come up with solutions to solve them.  We often use the UN Sustainability Goals as a starting point for our work, equipping our young people with as much global knowledge about the lives and struggles of others as possible, so that they may become part of the solution.

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 Caring | Kudos to the Warm Touches in Winter

At Daystar Academy, we believe students with a kind heart and a caring spirit will go further in life. That’s why Caring is not only one of our five core values but also can be felt in every aspect of our school life.  Last month, Elementary School in Beigao Campus focused on Caring as the theme of December. There were many initiatives taking place across the campus on how we can show caring to others and the environment. Let’s take a look!

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It's Time to Think about Summer Programs!

Will a summer program experience help my college application?


When is the best time to participate in a summer program?


Are there any tools that we can use to choose from the many summer programs available?



To answer questions like these and more, Ms. Melissa Warehall, College Counselor, together with Mr. Daniel Williams, Secondary School Principal, recently hosted a Zoom session for Daystar Academy Secondary School students and parents.

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Embrace the Change: Transforming Limitations into Opportunities

Once again, our lives seem to be undergoing some changes recently. With the possible resurgence of the pandemic comes some uncertainties about our lives. As the development unfolds, one might wonder, is there any way to ease the anxiety and stress triggered by the changes? Better yet, how do we approach these changes to regain a sense of control? 

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